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Bethlehem Temple Family Worship Center
Urgent Prayer
   Discussion: Urgent Prayer
FC (anon) · 11 years, 4 months ago
Angie is a socialpath who has her boyfriend Rubin brainwashed.Angie spends Rubins money to where there is no money to buy food for Jacob,Angie get the restaurant food and fast food,Jacob gets scraps.Angie makes Rubin mistreat Jacob purposely and also keeps Jacob away from his sick mother because Angie and Rubin hates Jacobs mother . Angie gets joy out of tormenting Jacob and that is the truth as GOD is my witness.Pray GOD make Angie  allergic to Jacob and Rubin.Pray Angie will feel sick,itchy,hot,feel like she has cramps all over,dizzy,feel like she has a migrane headache,rotten,tormented,stinky and weak anytime Angie goes near Jacob or Rubin.Pray everytime Angie goes near Jacob and Rubin Angie will feel,see and think Demons are trying to keep her away from Jacob and Rubin.In JESUS Name Amen

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