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Best Methods of Study
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Best Methods of Study

Posted on Thu, Nov 4, 2004

Adopt Some Systematic Method

The haphazard reading of a few verses of the Scriptures every day is better then nothing, but it is not real Bible Study.  It is simply nibbling at the truth and does not tend to build up strong Christians.
1. The Topical Method consists of the selection of a subject and tracing it through the Scriptures. 
2. The Biographical Method or the study of various Scripture characters will be found to be intensely interesting and profitable.
3. Study of the Books.  Select a book and endeavor to master it; ascertain its authorship, to who addressed, the circumstances under which it was written, its purpose, its main teachings, etc.
4. The Study of Chapters and Important Passages familiarizes the student with the gems of Scriptural literature.
5. Memorize Some Great Verses that they may be available for any sudden need or emergency that may arise.  A ready-at-hand passage of Scripture is invaluable to the Christian many times.  Like the apothecary, he needs to have his remedies and antidotes so arranged and labeled, in his memory cabinet, that they are available for instant use. The memorization of Bible truths puts a defensive and offensive weapon in the hands of believers.
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