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Tips for the Effective Sunday School Teacher
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Tips for the Effective Sunday School Teacher

Posted on Thu, Nov 4, 2004

The most effective ministry of a Sunday school teacher

Tip 1: The most effective ministry of a Sunday school teacher is accomplished on his or her knees in prayer.
Tip 2: Sunday school will grow when teachers are busy reaching people by  visiting, phoning, sending cards and praying for our growth!
Tip 3: As you teach draw your students into a Spiritual debate, through lecture, storytelling, and personal testimony when applicable.  Question & Answer discussion gives a sense of participating and of “belonging”.
Tip 4: The teachers’ goal is to motivate and involve the students in the learning process.
Tip 5: Teachers you may not be able to teach everything you know, rather try to focus on the important concept or limit your teaching to a central truth.
Tip 6: Teachers are the ones who take the words that are written in the scriptures  and bring life to those words.  Using illustrations will open further open windows through which light will shine to expose even more truth.
Tip 7: In our teaching one should remember that we are servants and as we serve we cannot always have the last word.  We should guard against competition.  Try not to look at each other but rather look to God. 
Tip 8: As we work together the avenue of communication must be non-threatening.
Tip 9: Be equipped to handle disagreement when they arise.
Tip 10: Be respectful at all times, be tactful, and be committed.  Be ready and  willing to accommodate the opinion of others.
Tip 11: Finally always ask ourselves:
 Who am I teaching?
 What am I teaching?
 What am I trying to achieve in this lesson, 
 so that in all that we do all  the glory belongs to the Lord.
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